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OTARG is a regional group of World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).

The regional groups of WFOT are according to the World Health Organisation regions of Africa.
OTARG is the sub-Saharan regional group of WFOT.

Member countries are shown on the map.

OTARG Congress 2015 Uganda
First Announcement




Have you visited OTseeker recently? The OTseeker database was developed to give rapid access to bibliographic details and abstracts of randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews relevant to occupational therapy. It is now viewed internationally as an important resource for evidence-based practice and research. Since commencing in 2003, OTseeker has been used in over 100 countries and has received well over 2 million visits to its website (www.otseeker.com) which is freely accessible.

Read about it here


OTARG has a major role in bringing the training of occupational therapists in line with the needs of the disabled in Africa, whilst still meeting the WFOT Minimum Standards for Training Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy in Africa is growing strongly and fast.

The training of occupational therapists is being aligned to the needs of the community.

Occupational Therapy, with the strong backing of WFOT, is very much part of the total rehabilitation of the disabled in Africa.


Membership Application Form

You can download this form by clicking here.

Once you have filled it in, please fax or e-mail your application form and proof of payment to
Pat de Witt (OTARG Secretary)
Fax number :    +27 (0)11 717 3709
E-mail: Patricia.DeWitt@wits.ac.za



Election of Office Bearers

At the Biennial General Meeting held in August 2013 in Harare, Zimbabwe, the following office bearers were appointed.
The term of office is four years with the option of standing a further two years.

Your Committee


Sarah Matovu


Vice chairperson

Justice Mackenzie Nthitu



Pat de Witt


Member at large

Albert Pascal



Rosemary Crouch


Web page

Vivyan Alers


Student member

Tatenda Maphosa


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